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Chartering a private jet at your convenience is considerably cost effective over owning your own jet. With no hidden fees, the best rates we can find for you and your choice of any add ons - charters are the perfect solution for your travel requirements.



We know your time is precious, so we assure no waiting around, no queues or long check in times - just speed, ease, choice of travel times and control over your journey from start to finish.  Choice  and control are a new age luxury.



Of course, the reason any flyer chooses a private jet is at least partially for its luxury.  With a choice of aircraft size, style, extra services and finishes - a PJ will always have that 'extra' element to the way you travel - so much s we even made a hashtag for it!



Private jet charter flexibility means you can have a small jet on Sunday for a quick meet up, a medium jet on Thursday to take you to your board meeting and a jumbo on Friday to take all your friends to LA without worrying about having three jets!

PJ Air Charters, with years of experience in luxury travel, is renowned for its exemplary customer service and attention to detail.

We work with the best in the industry and will strive to deliver a private jet charter service that is second to none and tailored to meet you, or your client’s, every requirement.  Our dedication to service delivery enables PJ Air to go above and beyond, taking care of the finer points that make clients feel truly valued.

As a PJ traveller we understand your time is very important to you and that you will may need to set and change your itinerary to suit your ever changing schedule, using a jet gives you flexibility, control and choice tailored to your life. You can choose to fly from and to your closest airports, minimising lengthy road journeys as well as your choice of aircraft, depending on the type of trip you are using our services for. You can choose catering options to suit your requirements as well as have us help with you additional add ons. You will travel through discrete executive airport facilities with no lengthy check in procedures - we understand your time is precious.


PJ Air charters serve as an agent in obtaining air charter services for our customers. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation by PJ Air for its customers. PJ Air does not own or operate the aircraft on which our customers fly. PJ Air is not a direct or indirect air carrier.  

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