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We specialises in bespoke charter solutions that exceed the expectations of you, our VIP client. We provide a level of customer service that is both personal and professional so, whether you are flying for business or leisure to your destination, we will ensure your flight goes smoothly.

A private jet allows for the best use of your time whilst on the way to your destination, as our experienced team will handle everything for you. With our concierge service, guests can escape the crowds and delays associated with conventional road and air travel. 

Pick from our selection of aircraft options or contact us today to find out more information.



  • Seats: 18-50

  • Speed: 510 – 610 mph

  • Range/km: 7,000 – 12,500km

  • Flight Duration: 9hr 45 min

  • Journey to anywhere in the world in total privacy as part of a large group and, since every detail is tailored to your requirements, nothing is left to chance. Many of these sizeable aircraft feel more like hotels in the sky than jets, with access to many different zones including peaceful bedrooms, relaxing lounge areas, bars for entertaining and shower areas to help you feel refreshed.



  • Seats: 12-16

  • Speed: 580 – 610 mph

  • Range/km: 10,000 – 12,900km

  • Flight Duration: up to 13 hours

  • Because of their size, these aircraft have generous resting, eating and meeting areas that are ideal for groups flying for business or leisure. Most seats transform into a comfortable bed which is just one of the reasons guests prefer to travel in our luxurious aircraft for longer journeys.



  • Seats: 10-12

  • Speed: 540 – 640 mph

  • Range/km: 5,000 – 8,000km

  • Flight Duration: 7hr 45 mins

  • With long range aircraft charter, 10-14 passengers can fly up to 5,000 miles at a time in comfort onboard one of our luxury jets. Private jets this size have plenty of space for luggage, with larger cabins that offer peace and quiet for the duration of your flight. Larger groups benefit from the many luxurious options available when chartering long range aircraft.



  • Seats: 8-10

  • Speed: 550 – 580 mph

  • Range/km: 5,500 – 6,500km

  • Flight Duration: 6hr 45 min

  • The cabin has an executive feel and passengers can stand up without any headroom restrictions, which is ideal for private clients planning a long journey as you do not want to feel confined in any way. When on a long flight it is important that you are totally relaxed and able to enjoy the journey in private. This is why we pride ourselves on offering a unique service where everyone feels at ease.



  • Seats: 6 – 8

  • Speed: 515 – 548 mph

  • Range/km: 3,900 – 5,000km

  • Flight Duration: 5hr

  • Luxury mid size aircraft charter is simple and hassle-free with Sovereign. These jets are the perfect option for private flyers looking to book a short or medium flight as they have a 5,000km range. Compared to a lighter aircraft, clients will get to their destination much faster in a mid size jet if they have a short journey in mind. They also allow for more luggage to be brought onboard and comfortably seat 6-8 passengers, so small groups can travel in style and comfort.



  • Seats: 7 – 8

  • Speed: 486 – 560 mph

  • Range/km: 3,000 – 3,700km

  • Flight Duration: 4hr 30 mins

  • These aircraft offer plenty of cabin space, comfortably seating 7-8 passengers as well as having a great amount of room for luggage. A popular choice for those looking forward to a weekend of outdoor winter sports, a super light aircraft has ample ski storage and this size is ideal for many other reasons; these include fuel efficiency and the fact that this economical option is cost-effective whilst still providing a comfortable way to travel by air.



  • Seats: 6 – 8

  • Speed: 434 – 540 mph

  • Range/km: 2,400 – 4,200km

  • Flight Duration: 3hr

  • A light aircraft will fly 6-8 passengers in comfort and privacy – there are few ways to travel that offer a higher level of luxury than your own private jet!



  • Seats: 4 – 5

  • Speed: 440 – 480 mph

  • Range/km: 2,000 – 2,800km

  • Flight Duration: 3hr

  • For clients planning a short trip away, very light aircraft charter is the perfect option. These jets have space for up to 5 passengers and offer fantastic value for money, making them popular with private flyers on a budget. With a very light jet, clients benefit from a much faster journey as they do not need to spend as much time on the ground for refueling, there is less downtime and flight checks are quicker too when compared to larger aircraft.

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