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The safety of our charter passengers is of paramount importance. All Operators we work with are audited by their relevant aviation authority in order that they maintain a valid Air Operator Certificate, which is necessary to operate any aircraft for commercial charter. As such all aircraft are fully insured.

By law, and for the safety of our passengers, all the aircraft we charter on behalf of members are piloted by two commercial pilots who are fully trained and qualified for both the aircraft type they fly and for the airports they fly into. The aircraft are all deep cleaned and operate strict COVID19 practices.



PJ Air wants to reassure our customers that the aircrafts we work with have implemented very stringent health & safety measures throughout their company and also with our partners & suppliers to ensure that wherever possible you are protected from COVID-19 when you book a flight with us.

The many benefits of private jet travel over commercial travel have never been more profound than they are right now – the uncrowded terminals, the calm check-in, security and boarding procedures, the deep cleaned aircraft that has been fully sanitized and disinfected before you step on-board – to name but a few.


  • No crowded terminals, with busy and lengthy check-in, security and boarding procedures; wherever possible we only use smaller private terminals and VIP lounges

  • All private terminals, VIP lounges, FBOs that we use have undergone an in-house audit to ensure they are fully compliant in following strict health & safety COVID-19 procedures

  • All aircraft follow EASA’s (European Aviation Safety Agency) recommendations for passenger and crew safety and are equipped with protective healthcare and sanitary equipment kit

  • All our Operators thoroughly sanitize and disinfect their aircraft before and after every flight; additional time has been allowed for deep cleaning in between each sector

  • Not flying in or out of any ‘affected areas’ outlined by the World Health Organisation.

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