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Image by Mollie Sivaram
Image by Spencer Davis

All passengers on our charter flights receive 5 star treatment and are promised a stress-free experience, this goes for pets as well as our human guests. Being on board a jet in flight can be traumatic for any animal as it is such an unfamiliar environment, which is why we endeavor to keep everyone in their surroundings nice and relaxed to lower their anxiety levels. Your own calming presence will positively affect their mood and as a result, every passenger has an enjoyable experience.

We work with many approved operators under the PETS Travel scheme which means your fur baby is more than welcome onto the aircraft. The PETS Travel regulations differ from country to country and our industry knowledge helps us work with the relevant agencies so that you can travel uninterrupted to your destination.


What does my pet need in order to travel?

In order to travel by air all pets are required to have the following.  Some countries may require additional measures so please check with us before travel and make us aware of any pets onboard in advance. We advise you speak to your vet to check your pets health record is up to date and your et has:

  • A pet passport

  • A microchip

  • A current rabies vaccination

  • They must have been injected for ticks and tapeworms between 24 and 120 hours prior to arriving back in the UK

We provide the finest pets travel service which is delivered with expert, personalized customer service and an unparalleled level of quality control. Save yourself the stress of conventional air travel by booking your flight with us and experience a convenient, discreet way of travelling that is comfortable for your entire group ,including your pets. There is no need to deal with overcrowded terminals or lengthy security delays; simply let our trained professionals handle everything for you. With our bespoke service you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your trip is in the best possible hands.

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